Country Grown - Martinsburg's Dispensary Reviews

Cannabis Dispensary located in Martinsburg, WV

Country Grown Reviews: Here's what our customers are saying about us!

  • Cheryl Worthington
    10/09/2022 07:07 PM
    Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable, Prices better than competitors, and they offer deals and discounts. Can't beat it!! Very happy so far.
  • Andrew Booth
    10/09/2022 03:13 PM
    Awesome place! I have always felt welcomed by the friendly staff here. Ask for the cannabis wizard. He is very knowledgeable in the products and is a delight to deal with. The only con I give this place is their variety of vapes seems to be limited to distillate. Would like to see full spectrum vapes hopefully in the future. This is a great place and would highly recommend it.
  • Curtis Shaffer
    10/06/2022 05:37 PM
    Staff were very kind, helpful and knowledgeable
  • Kristina Stewart
    10/04/2022 03:14 PM
    Ive had a wonderful experience every time I have shopped here. The staff is always so friendly and helpful. I love the rewards program too. That definitely helps with the cost of medicine right now. I really love that the store is working on a drive through system for pick ups which will help patients like me so much. Thanks for all of the help and making purchasing my medicine less daunting. See you soon. 😁
  • Carey chambers
    10/02/2022 11:23 PM
    Staff was knowledgeable and very friendly. Absolutely love that they are open on sundays and offer smaller amounts of different options.
  • Grant Sowers
    09/29/2022 01:51 AM
    I went into Country Grown for the first time today and had a great experience! The store takes security seriously, while everyone, including the guards, are very friendly and welcoming. My bud tender was named Nicole. she answered every question I had and gave me plenty of time and space to choose my products. The selection is slightly limited for now, but it just opened so I am excited to see where this store goes in the future. With their rewards program and awesome service, I think I have found my primary dispensary!!!
  • John Corvin
    09/27/2022 02:18 PM
    Everybody at the store is awesome I don’t understand the bad reviews at all. They have a good selection. Everybody there is very knowledgeable. Everybody there is friendly. If you think they’re too expensive they’re just like everybody else around. If you want cheap weed with fentanyl on it, go back to the black market.
  • Ashley Fair
    09/27/2022 11:30 AM
  • Joey Blake
    09/25/2022 08:50 PM
    Amazing, friendly and knowledgeable staff with a wide range of options hands down the best of the best place for all mecical cannibas needs we need more places and people like this
  • Dane O'Leary
    09/14/2022 04:05 AM
    The other dispensary in town set the bar pretty high, but Country Grown Cannabis in Martinsburg is a pleasant experience every time I’ve been there, including on September 10, which was the grand opening. The staff members I’ve met are all great, including a bearded gentleman who gave me owner/manager vibes (but could be wrong on that). They’re the sorts of people you’d expect to find working at a dispensary: laid-back people who are happy to shoot the breeze or commentate on cannabis laws or offer product recommendations. (I usually know exactly what I want before I come in but they make it very clear that they can answer any questions I may have.) For the time being, the only CGC-branded products they’re selling are a handful of strains of flower, so they don’t make cartridges yet (they carry other brands’ carts though). However, word on the subreddit is that CGC’s first batch of cartridges are due to come out sooner than later. (Update 12/2022: We have still not seen any CGC carts yet.) I appreciate that they’re open seven days per week because I don’t need to make sure I have enough stock for the days they’re closed. Overall, I’m pleased with Country Grown Cannabis and, more than anything, feeling super thankful to have two dispensaries open in my town and BOTH are winners. I’m also thrilled to see their selection broadening over time. In my opinion, the only drawback so far is that I don’t find their in-house strains to be that impressive; the Chocolate Kush is above-average, but the rest has just been average. Very dry with low terpene percentages. It becomes difficult to choose CGC flower when AltSol, Hillfire, and (to a somewhat lesser extent) Trulieve are crushing it in the flower department right now.