Country Grown Cannabis FAQs

Cannabis Dispensary located in WV

The West Virginia Medical Cannabis Act permits West Virginia residents with qualifying medical conditions to procure medical cannabis for certified medical use. In order to purchase medical cannabis from a West Virginia dispensary, a patient/caregiver must display their current medical cannabis identification card issued by the Office of Medical Cannabis and their separate government-issued photo identification (e.g., driver’s license or state ID) to confirm their identity.

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The different varieties of cannabis flowers are called strains. Each strain has a unique flavor and combination of active ingredients, and provides a subtly different effect. There are thousands of different cannabis strains out there and most of them have names that were coined by the growers who brought us the specific genetics from that plant. Some products are always strain-based, such as flower and concentrates, while others are based on Indica/Sativa, and still others generally do not indicate a strain or plant type.